Walla Walla Revisited

Train Tracks in Walla Walla, originally uploaded by foolscircle.

Photo Details:
Camera: Nikon D80
F-Stop: f/10
Focal Length: 24 mm
Exposure Bias: -0.67
Shutter Speed: 1/200
ISO: 100

Walla Walla is a relatively small town in Eastern Washington which never seems quite sure as to what it really wants to be. The place was settled by Marcus and Narcissa Whitman back in the 1830s and the settlement stuck around even after the Whitmans were killed by the local Native American populace a few years later. Since then, the town’s become known for three different things: a booming wine industry, three fairly prestigious colleges in the area, and the overwhelming presence of the Washington State Penitentiary (which looms on the edge of town and always manages to generate an absurd amount of light pollution at night). The wine is actually pretty amazing, though since I was allowed to graduate from Whitman College I’m not sure I can speak for the universities’ quality (you’d think they would have clued into the fact that I stopped caring about my education after my sophomore year… but that’s a story for another time); I can’t really say anything about the prison other than it’s huge and intimidating.

I decided I needed a vacation from work -and the general public- so I came up here because I wanted to see a number of my friends who were still in school. Surprisingly, the Whitman campus is a lot more fun to hang out around when you don’t have to go to class or do homework. I also brought my camera up with me in case I had some free time to take a couple of photos.

While wandering around near a friend’s house today, I found the train tracks that bisect the town and cut right through Whitman’s campus. I kinda liked the imagery evoked by the section of tracks I wandered, so I figured I’d fire off a couple of shots. I played around with the perspective by getting low to the ground, which in turn allowed for a unique point of view… the image of the tracks gradually filling up the foreground is a nice effect in my opinion. I also made a half-hearted attempt to do some macro photography with the rail spikes, but I was distracted by what was quite possibly the longest earthworm I’d ever seen. I might wander back out there tomorrow to try and retake some photos, but it ultimately depends on whether or not I have enough free time to do so. If not, I might just try photoshopping some of the landscape on the right over to the left and softening the general feel of the tracked landscape.

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