Tomorrow’s Musings #2

Tomorrow’s Musings #2, originally uploaded by foolscircle.

Programs Used:
Scanning: Photoshop
Vector conversion: Illustrator
Editing/color: Flash
Final touches: Comic Life

Once again, faithful readers, I bring you a comic. It’s not that I haven’t been taking photos lately, it’s just that I’ve been having more fun doing artwork that doesn’t pay a single red penny. This time around, before you ask: no, you’re not missing any real backstory. It’s a one-shot bit about a video game called Comix Zone, which originally was released in 1995 for the Sega Genesis and was recently rereleased on the Wii’s Virtual Console.

The general point of the comic is that the game is devilishly difficult, like utterly insanely difficult. The problem is a lot of us allowed nostalgia to blind our memories of just how hard Comix Zone actually is. I still love the game’s art style (much of it was actually produced by legitimate comic artists), and it’s a blast to play… it’s just hellish. So, one had to wonder: why in God’s name would someone actually stick around an area as awful and burnt-out as the world of Comix Zone. As a result, this comic just wrote itself.

Again, I used the same illustration techniques as before, though this time I snagged some screenshots from Comix Zone and put it through the Photoshop “cutout” filter in order to create the stylized backgrounds.  While the overall result was something I happened to be immensely pleased with the overall looks of the comic, but this is definitely going to be the exception rather than the rule; as a result, most further comics will probably be 1-3 very simple panels at the most.

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2 Comments on “Tomorrow’s Musings #2”

  1. Lisa Bettany Says:

    wow. these are super cool! awesome.

    i love comic life! it is such a cool and easy to use program. i just got a new macbook and it was the first program i opened and used…. 10 minutes later… “Dimasaurz was created. it is nice to be creative it isn’t your job to produce a creative product. the deeper i get into media production (i’m doing mostly video stuff at the moment) the more i feel like i have no creative time to myself for my personal weird and wacky creative pursuits. so yesterday snapped some shots of my kindersurprised dinosaurs and fired up comic life and voila… more silliness! i’d love to spend time and scan some of my drawings to create something artful like yours (which is truly beautiful work) …. maybe i’ll attempt something next week… for now i just try to make myself laugh…

  2. Lisa Bettany Says:

    that link didn’t work… here’s Dimasaurz again.

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