Photo of the Day: PS3

Photo Details:
Camera: Nikon D80

F-Stop: f/3.5
Focal Length: 18 mm
Exposure Bias: +0.3ev
Speed: 1/200
ISO: 320

PS3 originally uploaded by foolscircle.

I took this last week for an article about the Sony PS3 over at Ars Technica. I originally tried to put the PS3 outside, but the reflective nature of the console’s surface makes it incredibly difficult to photograph in sunlight because it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to wind up getting a shot of yourself as well. I tried using a polarizer after I realized this, but to no avail. I guess the filter doesn’t have any effect on reflective plastic.

I ended up going back inside and setting up my light tent to see if I could get some different results. I only used my speedlight for lighting, as the rest of my office is currently packed up due to a re-carpeting project that has taken over the downstairs for a couple of days. Granted, I could have dragging my floodlights out of the basement, had I been driven to perfect the technique, but I was in a rush and actually liked the way this photo came out in the end.

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